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Neon Cat Pet

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Neon Cat

The Neon Cat is a Pet item in Pet Simulator 99.

History and Availability:

Introduced as Pet #403, It is only obtainable from trading.

Stats and Abilities:

The Neon Cat is an Exclusive pet. It is Exclusive level 1, meaning it will always be 85% as strong as your best pet.

Rarity and Existence

There are 131.4k Neon Cats in existence. The last update to the amount was 3 hours ago.
The exist count has increased by 100 (0.08%) in the last 24 hours.

Gameplay Value

Always doing at least 85% as much damage as your highest pet makes exclusives a great choice for your team. This means only one maximum stat pet is needed to make sure your exclusives are as strong as possible.
In addition, if your exclusive pet is shiny, golden or rainbow, it will be even stronger than your best pet.

Market Analysis

As of 7/21/2024, the Neon Cat was last sold 53 seconds ago for 892.5k.
This represents a -2.2m (-70.83%) decrease in value over the last 24 hours. This sale was -2.7m (-75.12%) lower than the last RAP value of 3.6m.

The latest RAP value of Neon Cat is 3.6m.
This represents a 219.0k (6.50%) increase in RAP value over the last 24 hours.

What is the current price of Neon Cat Pet?

The current price of Neon Cat Pet is 892.5k Diamonds. Last updated 53 seconds ago.

What is the RAP of Neon Cat Pet?

The latest RAP of Neon Cat Pet is 3.6m Diamonds. Last updated 3 hours ago.

How many Neon Cat Pets are there?

There are 131.4k Neon Cat Pets in Pet Simulator 99. Last updated 3 hours ago.

How to get a Neon Cat Pet in Pet Simulator 99?

Only obtainable from trading.

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